Camera movements

from the future


Rocket Cinebot's younger brother also known as Stinger. Same high accuracy and speed, but the arm’s reach is shorter with less payload capability. That makes it lighter, more compact and it has a smaller footprint on the set leaving more room for other equipment.


Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the Stinger. We’ve used Latest technology & quality materials


1m x 1m footprint

Built-in control, safety electronics

CNC Machined aluminium frame

Fiberglass chassis


Any camera packages within payload range

1,2m reach

10,5m/s maximum speed

6kg (14lbs) Nominal Payload

15kg (33lbs) Maximum Payload with reduced dynamics


400V 3 phase (other voltages upon request)



Built-In lens control

1x24V 3-pin XLR output

1x12V 4-pin XLR output

1x12G-SDI Passthrough

Setup Time

40 minutes 

External devices

Stinger Cinema Robot can be synchronized with other devices through RocketLab's Ignition software which is an innovative, high-level, node based device interlocking software for higher productivity and easier motion set management than ever. Records actual data for every controlled device, camera and object positions for post-production with embedded SMPTE timecode and camera metadata. Synchronized environment can be built within seconds with many components. The possibilities are unlimited, you name it.

3D Animation Softwares

Real-time control connection available between 3D apps and Ignition. Plan the movement and lighting in Cinema4D or Maya, Ignition takes care of the physical representation of the animation.

Other Robots

You can have unlimited number of robotic arms in the same set. Moving objects, lighting or actors.

Rotary tables, motion plaforms

Get a spin of your hero object with a rotary table or rotate it with a motion platform.


Build your custom rig with linear actuators, servo motors, hydraulics, pneumatics Ignintion can synchronize them.

DMX Ligthing

Unlimited number of DMX channels, lighting altering will locked to other devices.

HMI Controllers

Map MIDI Controllers, Joysticks, Spacemouses to physical devices and/or playback control.

Trigger in/out

Map MIDI Controllers, Joysticks, Spacemouses to physical devices and/or playback control.

Pneumatic / liquid valves, magnets

Valve and pressure control for air, liquids. Magnets for holding and releasing objects.

General purpose I/O

You can program the output, or associate an event to an input.

Virtual Reality

Connect Rocket with RealTime render engines like Unreal Engine or Unity.

Timecode / Genlock

LTC SMPTE Timecode input/output. Genlock sync for frame accuracy.

Lens motor control

Control FIZ Motors with regular motors like ARRI CLM, Hedén or Preston. Or connect Tilta Nucleus intelligent motors.